Quality and Methodology

Our pledge for quality

Professional training with certified quality management

We stand for high learning success in all formats of professional further education. This is ensured by a long-term quality management system that is regularly checked by a neutral body.

  • We exclusively employ certified trainers who have passed our train-the-trainer program. All our partners are committed to a continuous professional training which we monitor regularly.
  • From a thorough needs analysis to implementation to a sustainable transfer, we follow a transparent process with clear guidelines which all of our employees adhere to.
  • All training programs are developed in close cooperation with our clients. One week at latest before the training – usually even earlier – you will have a clear idea of what can be expected by the training participants.
  • We develop our trainings according to the double-check-principle: every draft is critically verified by other trainers.
  • By involving participants’ expectations regarding the training, we are able to prevent possible disappointments, for example by adjusting the concept or by talking about the contents and methodology beforehand.
  • BAMIK does not offer spontaneaous, last-minute, unprepared, or “copy-paste” trainings.
  • We pay close attention to a good balance between theory and practice. BAMIK trainings are neither lectures nor parties. Prior to the training you will know what theoretical contents and practical exercises we plan for you.
  • During our training sessions, we exclusively use high-quality equipment, for example products of Apple or Neuland.
  • All materials are developed by our editorial staff according to the latest scientific findings and are regurlarly updated.
  • We are available to you at any time after the training, for example for further inquiries of individual participants.


BAMIK’s services are based on the quality management principles of DIN ISO 9001:2015.

Since 2011, BAMIK has been certified as an educational institution in line with the strict requirements of the Dachverband der Weiterbildungsorganisationen (DVWO; German Organization of Associations for Lifelong Learning). This ensures that we provide customers with the highest quality services.

DVWO quality seal

The DVWO aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning in continuing vocational training, increase transparency for consumers, and to develop clear occupational and training criteria for continuing training providers and agreed quality criteria for continuing training work.

The DVWO awards its quality seal to providers of further education who work in line with the DVWO’s quality model. BAMIK was awarded this quality seal for its quality management in 2011, 2017 and 2021.

Our approach

BAMIK's services combine a practice-oriented approach with in-depth theoretical research to ensure that customers and training participants enjoy cutting-edge training methods that give them practical solutions to apply to their daily work life. Through this approach, participants of BAMIK train-the-trainer courses can be confident that the training they receive is of the highest quality and from a recognized further education provider. This further benefits them when they become eligible for DVWO certification.

For more information on the DVWO and its aims and methods, please click here.