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BAMIK GmbH in Berlin, Germany, has been a leading provider of educational solutions for intercultural cooperation as well as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion since 2009. Our team consists mainly of freelance experts from all over the world who work in the areas of training, consulting and the development of teaching media.


Freelance position / worldwide

With our platform → Diversity Webinars we are building an extensive range of webinars on the topics of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) as well as intercultural communication and cooperation. It goes without saying that we attach great importance to the diversity of perspectives among those who contribute content to the most diverse subject areas. If you are an expert in a sub-area of ​​DEI, we look forward to seeing you as a freelance author!


We are looking for your diverse input on all topics related to DEI or intercultural cooperation. This includes the following categories:
  • Age and generations
  • Cultural / ethnic origin
  • Culture-specific know-how / intercultural comparison
  • Disability / physical skills
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Perception (e.g. bias, stereotypes)
  • Racism
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation / identity
  • Socio-economic background
Propose your specific topic within these categories:
Ideally, the topic should be specific and implementable as a webinar within 15 minutes. Here is an example from the field of discrimination: "Micro-aggression and its effects"


  • Creation of a storyboard / manuscript on the agreed topic in English or German.
  • Image research on the subject - possibly also as a sketch, which our graphics team then implements.
  • Expert-level support of the production until it is finished
  • Optional: Participation in the video production as speaker of the webinar
  • Optional: Participation in the peer review process for contributions by other authors

Your qualifications

  • Expertise in the chosen topic
    • through our own scientific research and / or
    • authoring / publications and / or
    • relevant professional experience and / or
    • social engagement (activists)
  • Professional experience in the education sector (training, coaching, school, university)

General information on working with us

  • The cooperation takes place on a freelance basis. A separate contract for work and services in accordance with German law is concluded for each project.
  • We will award your contribution with a one-time fee, the amount of which depends on the scope of the topic.
  • As an author, you get free access to our webinars.
  • As an author, you can take part in the modules of our Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course as a guest / auditor free of charge (subject to availability).
  • Please note our Scientology and NLP disclaimer.

Apply now!

  • If you have a topic and want to contribute, simply apply using our contact form .
  • You should also make suggestions to us as to which specific topics you would like to contribute to the platform (a heading and a short description are sufficient). Of course you can suggest more than one topic!
  • Please explain to us what qualifies you for this topic and why it is personally important to you. Are you possibly affected yourself or do you have personal experience? If needed, we may request a résumé or profile separately.


Freelance position / worldwide
The ideal team member
  • has a Master's degree (or above) in his/her area of regional expertise and/or
  • is a native from the region that he/she is offering trainings for and/or
  • has profound field experience from projects and long-term assignments to the region.
  • is fluent in English as a training language.
  • is able to demonstrate teaching skills.
  • enjoys developing new training concepts together with an innovative team of regional and educational experts.
Please send your electronic application and résumé to Once we have read your application, we will invite you to present a short extract of your training to an audience of our choice. This "Trainer Casting" is an essential element of our quality control system. You will have to submit the complete plan for a one-day training, out of which we will ask you to present a 45 minute section. We will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this training session with you. Unfortunately, we are unable to compensate you for the training or to reimburse travel expenses. Consider this casting as a good opportunity to get qualified feedback in a safe and professional setting.

If you are unable to do the casting in Berlin, it is also possible to do it by video conference (e.g. Skype)!

Please note that suggestive tools such as "NLP" do not fit in our company's profile. Applicants with background in neuro-linguistic programming are generally not considered.

We also expect all our partners and employees to sign a declaration that he/she:
  • does not work, teach or offer services in accordance with the technology of L. Ron Hubbard;
  • was not and is not being trained in the technology of L. Ron Hubbard; has not attended any courses or seminars based on the technology of L. Ron Hubbard; and
  • disapproves of the technology of L. Ron Hubbard in all aspects of his work.

Student Internships

Berlin, Cologne, or online

If you are a student with a focus on intercultural studies or diversity management and your career goals include intercultural training or consulting, an internship with BAMIK in Berlin may be ideal for you.

Ideally, you are studying one of the following subjects:
  • Business Administration
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Cultural studies
  • Sociology
  • Educational science
  • Psychology
  • Degree programs with a culture-specific regional focus (e.g. American Studies, Sinology, Arabic Studies, ...)
  • Computer science
Possible topics and fields of work include:
  • Support in the preparation and implementation of trainings and other education formats
  • Support in the development of e-learning programs
  • Conception and production of new digital learning content
  • Support of publishing projects
  • Development of course material
  • Editorial support for our social media accounts
The work location is either Berlin or Cologne. There is also the possibility to do your internship online (working from your home office).

During the internship, you will participate as a guest in the modules of our intercultural train-the-trainer course, provided that they will take place during the period of the internship. If your internship is shorter than the course duration, you can of course still complete the module at your leisure. If you meet the requirements, you can also take the exam for the trainer certificate during your internship.

Mandatory Internships

  • Requirements:
    • Completed 4th semester of studies (Bachelor)
    • Excellent grade point average
    • Excellent knowledge of English
    • Advanced knowledge of at least one other language
    • German skills are appreciated but not mandatory
    • Excellent skills in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Length: 6-12 weeks
  • Working hours: 30-40 hours / week
  • Compensation: nonsalaried

Voluntary Internships

  • Requirements:
    • Completed Bachelor's degree
    • Excellent grade point average
    • Excellent knowledge of English
    • Basic/good knowledge of German (for international applicants)
    • excellent skills in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Length: 3-6 months
  • Working hours: 30-40 hours / week
  • Compensation: 12,00 Euro/hour
Please send your application supported by the usual documents by email to