Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast

Meet BAMIK Director Wolfgang Jockusch for breakfast
and discuss the state-of-play of D&I

Whenever he travels around the world, BAMIK's Wolfgang Jockusch loves to meet new people and hear their views on Diversity & Inclusion. Meet him for breakfast in a hotel and discuss current issues and perspectives of D&I.

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As a course provider, consultancy and publisher on D&I, BAMIK actively promotes the international exchange of knowledge and perspectives around the topic. Such international exchange benefits us all!

BAMIK Director Wolfgang Jockusch hosts a series of breakfasts at which anyone who works in D&I, intercultural management, global leadership, or international adult education is welcome to join. These informal breakfast meetings are a great way to discuss the state-of-play in the field and gain a global perspective of the challenges and how they are being addressed in different regions.

The agenda is completely open, so if you want to discuss anything related to D&I, then you are more than welcome! You may wish to ask a question, discuss your perspective on recent developments, or address implementation strategies. Alternatively, you might want to simply come and say hi!
The D&I breakfast is offered in various locations globally throughout the year. Check the event calendar to see when Wolfgang will be in your area and sign up using the registration form.
We look forward to meeting you!

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